Jaipur Pietre

Jaipur Pietre: quartzite, slate and marble for interior and exterior design

When the beauty of Indian natural stones meets the maestry of Italian marble workers, unique and inimitable coverings are born. Jaipur Pietre works quartzites, slates, limestones, sandstones and marbles from Indian own quarries and then realizes in Italy its products used in architectural and construction projects.

A production chain that starts from afar and allows us to create unique and modern coatings and floors in our Verona area.

Our products in evidence


Own quarries of Indian quartzites

The block of natural stone is the origin of the production chain, it is the point from which the transformation of the raw material begins and whose characteristics depend on the quality of the finished products.

Jaipur Pietre is able to provide a constant quality control in the research of the material having own quarries of some Indian quartzites as well as a long mining experience and a constant and qualified presence of technical staff on site.

Production and processing made in Italy

The cut and the different finishes of each stone are made in Italy in order to guarantee a constant quality control and careful attention to detail.

The different finishes (flamed and brushed, sandblasted, honed, polished … ..) give more uniqueness and character to the stone itself, enhancing not only the physical aspect but also tactile-perceptive in order to meet the various needs of our clients.

lastre e blocchi su misura

Professionalism, passion and teamwork

A team of young people, dynamic and open to the challenges of the future makes Jaipur Pietre up to date and able to capture the market trends and satisfy the specific requests of customers.

What drives us daily is the passion for our materials, for the uniqueness of natural stones and the desire to accommodate the specific requests of our clients, directing and advising him in the choice of material, sizes and finishes.